Game Testers Earnings Paid Out: $

Demand for game testers

You can see in the chart below how general demand for game testers may vary within rather a short period of time. The data are based on the number of vacancies having “video game” or “QA” in their description.

So, you should understand that lots of such ads give quite a number of falsely positive results, because the posting having these words may concern programming or something else and still be reflected in this chart. But a certain margin of error is okay to estimate the tendencies.

It’s evident from the chart that the demand may change drastically. Game testing is considered to be unstable even within game industry for which fluctuations are normal. It’s not a rare case when studios hire a game tester just for a short while when they have to prepare for some big event or console release and let them go after they’re finished with this.

But don’t get upset! There’ll always be another game that is being developed at the same time in another company. Many testers work for several companies and have a lot of work regardless of the trends. Besides, even if we suppose that you won’t have enough testing job in the game field, you can apply your skills in other software companies.