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Enhance the productivity of your PC

This is not to say that you should change your computer. You must just clean up your hard drive and optimize certain things like disk fragmentation, malware, file clutter, out-of-date drivers, registry, system errors, etc.

If your computer works much slower than it used to work when you bought it, there can be different reasons for this. But before you decide to call for an expert to examine it and fix the problems, remember that it may cost you a real fortune and take a lot of your time. Nowadays, you can help your PC yourself! All you need is to download a program to it that will perform diagnostics and fix all the existing problems from the inside. Smart PC Fixer is the one of the most reliable and recommended for this task. With this software your computer will not experience any more crashes or data losses. It’ll run fast, smoothly and consistently.

Regardless of your purposes (which can be professional or recreational), when you use your PC, you inevitably get frustrated when it goes down, behaves erratically over and over again and in the end loses the whole amount of important information, like documents, photos, videos and other files. Smart PC Fixer will help you both with fixing you current problems and maintaining the productivity of your computer at its top possible level in the long run. This program will help you:

  • Defragment the hard drive
  • Fix registry
  • Shorten the startup time
  • Optimize the settings
  • Get rid of irritating toolbars
  • Remove privacy files and confidential information
  • Get rid of active malware
  • Update device drivers

Smart PC Fixer will scan and estimate the state of your computer and perform a thorough diagnostics. Later the software will recommend you what files should be deleted, fixed or updated.

PC Health Advisor has a three-stage algorithm of work:

  1. First, the program examines your PC to find out what’s wrong with it (malware, registry or system errors, fragmentation, etc.).
  2. Second, it provides you with the tools and instructions for optimization and fixation.
  3. It continues scanning the system, removing malware, updating database and maintaining your computer’s productivity at its peak.

Smart PC Fixer can help you with many problems because of the number of tools it has. Now we’re going to dwell upon its functions in detail. These explanations will make it clear for you why this very program is worth installing to your PC.

Registry Errors:

Registry database in Windows is very rich and complex. It’s a crucial factor for your computer to work properly. All your valuable information, including preferences and settings depends upon the registry. It undergoes constant changes, as you install and remove programs. As a result, it grows large and unstable, as it has a lot of unnecessary items you haven’s cleaned up. Smart PC Fixer will solve this problem and keep your registry well-organized and always clean.

Memory fragmentation

When you work on a file, you increase its size. Thus, when you save it, it’s already too big to fit into the location it originally had being smaller. Your system has no other option than to choose another location that will have enough space for it. So, next time when you need this file, your computer will find all the locations where it is stored, which slows down the system to a great extent. Smart PC Fixer will defragment these files and store them in contiguous places. This way the process of retrieving will run without any delay.


Your PC stores an enormous volume of information. It memorizes all the folders and files that you open, all the sites that you browse and all the programs in their usage priority. For these purposes it have “history files” which can grow at an immense speed and fill up the whole storage! It inevitably leads to delays. Smart PC Fixer removes these things together with privacy files which your browsers and applications generate. It’s not only that they fill up your PC memory, but they also contain very important information like your banking credentials. All these will be cleaned out and thus your PC will be safe. The software makes sure as well that there’re no duplicate files on your computer. It will eagerly remove all the unnecessary ones that only add clutter. As a result it would seem as if Smart PC Fixer had arranged your closet in such a way that not a single unnecessary thing is left in it.

Drivers update

All the device (printers, scanners, cards, etc.) connect with your PC with the help of device drivers. These programs’ task is to give directions in the proper computer language. So, if your drivers are outdated, your hardware shows poor if any performance level. Smart PC Fixer does the scanning job in order to make it clear what drivers you need to update and what must be deleted. It will give you directions what programs you must download and will help you with installation.


Malware includes all kinds of viruses: Trojans, keyloggers, adware, spyware and many others, the main objective of which is to damage your PC in all possible existing ways. They may also try to steal some of your confidential information and add a million of pop-up ads to your browser. And, of course, they influence the performance of your computer. They deprive the programs of memory and space that they need to perform their functions. Smart PC Fixer protects your PC from malware and deletes it.

The most convenient feature of this program is that it combines all the tools you need in one package. It can fix any computer according to its specifiс need and problems. It also gives the user an opportunity to choose which tools are necessary (and these can be added to the home screen) and which are redundant.

Besides all the features enumerated above, Smart PC Fixer will analyze what processes must be stopped because they slow down the start up, find programs suitable for this or that file extension, adjust the setting for increasing the speed, provide regular scanning to ensure safety and stability, track your CPU memory usage, delete unwanted files and plug-ins.

If you decided to use the Smart PC Fixer, you will need the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, minimum 20MB of free hard disk space (necessary for the initial installation), an internet connection, and to be logged on to your computer as administrator.

If everything is correct, you can install the software. This effective and cheap program will clean up your PC, make it productive and fast and prevent the appearance of any other problems in future. Besides, it will save you money that you could have given to the repair shop or tech assistance. If you see that your computer is about to crash, you need to find out the reason – and there’s no better way to do it!  So, download your software now, check what has gone wrong and follow the instructions in order to save your precious PC!