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Game Testing Is a Great Way, and Here’s Why

In our opinion, Quality Assurance in general and Game Testing as a part of Game Testing particularly, is one of the best routes into the games industry. We might be a little biased, but we can absolutely justify that statement!

Innumerable talented people within our industry made their start in Game Testing and Gaming Jobs Online have proudly contributed to that count. Without opportunities in Game Testing, many of the greatest games and applications that you use day to day would not have been conceived. Game Testing is a discipline that is exceedingly important but also accessible; our course strives to up the standard to new heights whilst remaining attainable by anyone that has the desire.

Andrew Robinson, Gaming Jobs Online’s Managing Director, has hired thousands of gifted testers over nearly thirty years working in the industry. Through his dedication he has seen many hundreds of those testers progress to become senior members of staff at Gaming Jobs Online or successful working in Game Testing and other disciplines elsewhere. Game Testing experience is an invaluable tool in any candidate’s arsenal. Game Testing testers work closely with all the other disciplines; we’re constantly collaborating with audio engineers, artists, world designers, system designers, etc. We work on games from the moment they’re first playable all the way up to release and beyond. We can have a real impact on the way a game is designed through our invaluable feedback. Game Testing covers the very fundamentals of how games are put together in a way that you simply won’t experience working elsewhere.

An excellent example of a Game Testing success story comes in the form of Blizzard’s Ben Brode. In 2003 he was a game tester on Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. As of 2016 he is the game director of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. He is living proof that you can achieve your dreams starting out in Game Testing.

Based on the evidence we’ve seen at countless careers events over the years, many aspiring gamers aren’t aware of the options available to them. They often view a career in gaming as something that simply cannot be achieved without taking the traditional, academic route; acquiring degrees in computer science or games design. That’s a great path to take for a lot of people but, speaking from experience, it simply isn’t for everyone. We’re aiming to eliminate the misconception that the door to the games industry is closed to those that haven’t taken this path.

The Gaming Jobs Online Game Testing course provides an exciting first step for individuals to take towards achieving their dream of a career in gaming. All we ask of our learners is to bring a passion for games and we’ll provide the knowledge.

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