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Graphic design tips for beginners

It doesn’t matter, whether you create graphics for some social media or have to design an invitation for some event to come, you will definitely need to have certain skills in graphic design.

The world of graphic design is really rather complex and include everything from font pairing and scale to alignment and white space. In this article we’ve collected some useful tips that will help you understand the essence of the creative process. You will also see how many aspects you must pay attention to in order to make your design leap to the eye.

Stick to the simplest fonts

Try not to be too much elaborate. Use fonts that will be easy to read in order to create simple and effective graphic design. The point is that the human eye finds it rather challenging to scan and decipher multiple typefaces. You should choose some simple collection of fonts.

You can find rather good variants from the font family Aileron. Opt for those that have clear-cut and modern aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid of a large scale

If it is necessary to emphasize certain point proportionately, you may apply scale to type, shapes or any other compositional features.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of this technique you may also use appropriate colors. But first you should make sure that the typeface that you have chosen looks good when increased in size. It must have strong, bold and clear letter forms in order to be noticeable.

Learn to make proper spacing

If you want to give a word a kind of condensed effect, you should decrease the letter spacing. Letter spacing can help you create visual representation of your ideas.

You can use it to fill dead space in order to align your text lines. In case some words take too much space, you may tighten them up.

When you experiment with spacing, be careful that you don’t reduce the space so much that the text becomes illegible. It should not be increased too much either, because otherwise the letters will look detached from each other.

Use colors carefully

You’d better apply several different tones of the same hue for preserving consistency. The brightness slider will change these colors and create the required contrast. If you use fine typefaces, they will need stronger distinction against the colored background. For example, if you use a forest green to color your background, you may pick a very bright aqua to offset against it. It will increase legibility and make it more agreeable to read.

Make your text clean, crisp and clear

Increase the contrast of your graphic. This may be achieved by adjusting the brightness of the background image so that it will offset the color of the text. It will also help you make your design easy and pleasant to read.

You now have a good opportunity to apply white or black text over the top of your image. It will surely make the text leap to the eye.

Make sure that your fonts match the content

You should always bear in mind that the typefaces that you choose should correspond logically to the content of the text. For example, typefaces with rounded edges usually look friendlier, strict geometric fonts with hard edges seem to be solid and strong, while serifs produce an impression of elegance and intelligence.

Use alignment to make the text look orderly

If you care about creating symmetry in your designs, you should apply a line or an embellishment for this purpose.

You can mimic a margin by applying a line to the left side of the text. This enhances its uniformity a great deal.

Make it look simple

But remember that making it simple doesn’t imply that you may forget the basics. Use sharp contrasts in all color combinations that you choose in order to make sure that your text will be easy to read. If you want to enhance the compositional structure of our design, you may apply some solid frame to the text.

Duplicate pages

If you want your design to be aesthetically consistent, the easiest way to ensure unity is to duplicate pages and then just edit the text and replace images.

And one more time: If you apply a line or an embellishment, you will create symmetry in your design.

Be creative and original

It’s no less important in design to be inventive than it is in research. You should push your talents and skills to create some original graphics.

Remember that you don’t have to pick the same colors and typefaces that everyone chooses.

Forget about trends and create a design that will suit your own idea of style. It’s important that your work should have a personal stamp on it.

Use hierarchy to put your content in order

The most important part of your message should be the most visually dominant in your design. In order to do everything correctly, you should apply color and scale to your graphic to see how it changes the hierarchy of all the components.

Remember about symmetry

Good graphic designs are often composed of symmetrical lines that correspond with the other elements. You must make sure that the thickness of the elements matches the weight of the chosen typeface.

Give rest to your eyes

It’s quite normal to get carried away and work all day long, but this process is not always fruitful.

If you take time to let your mind and eyes have a rest, it will enhance your productivity.

To make your eyes relax a bit, try to look far from your computer screen. Or look at something green – this will help your vision revitalize.

Stick to one font family

Visual uniformity is easily created by applying a consistent typeface to the whole text. Find a font family that you like and that will provide you with a wide selection of options.

Use more white space

If you want your design to look fluid, let it breathe with the help of white space. Apply it around your text blocks, images and other graphic elements. The text will be easier to perceive and more likely to attract attention than in case of cluttered composition.

Do research before you start

Make sure that you have all the necessary information before you get down to business. Don’t be lazy to search for materials. The more well-prepared you are, the more thought-out product you create.

Make use of a moodboard

Drop in a grid to a photo collage to create a simple moodboard that will contain your images. This way you will easily notice a common color range that you can apply to your design.

Imitate designs that you like

There’s nothing wrong in finding inspiration in some other works.

You may go to design websites, find those that you like and use the same filters and techniques with your own content.

Be conscious of all the current events

It doesn’t really matter which section you prefer to read. You should be aware of what is happening around so, because it can influence the way you work. Follow news pages on social networks.

Think different

All creative people have their own vision of everything. You shouldn’t use common symbols and signs that are generally associated with this or that topic.

Look for some unusual way to communicate information to the audience.

Make a contrast

Contrast is one of the key features of any design. Use different filters to enhance the positive/negative space in your images. If you apply black or white to copy, it will create optimum contrast.

Make your graphics brighter

Create suspense and impact with graphics that grab attention. Your colors should not bleed all at once. Choose those that contrast against one another.

Take a notebook with you

No matter if you are in some public place or at work, you can get inspired everywhere.

If you keep a notebook, you will be able to write down or draw your ideas and recollect them later.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

We all make mistakes, because they are an integral part of the learning experience. The creative process is complete only when you decide that it is.

Check everything properly

Make sure that all the components are aligned, the text is legible, the contrast is sharp and there’s quite enough space for the elements to breathe.

Remind yourself that you should be unique and creative, break the rules and push your own design ideas.

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