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How to choose a hosting provider

If you neglect the importance of choosing your web host provider, the consequences may be rather dissatisfying. The hosting company you’ve chosen should be a really reliable one, because it’s exactly this factor that guarantees safety and accessibility of your site. In order to make the only right choice, take these important factors into consideration:


It’s a very typical mistake to consider price above all other factors. Choosing a hosting provider you should bear in mind that you’ll get what you’ve paid for. Don’t be misled by cheap offers. You run the risk of getting a fake. You should be twice as careful about that if you earn your living on your website. Hardware can be really expensive, if it has decent quality. So if your potential web host charges a couple of dollars per month, forget about quality. Before estimating the price you should study what this or that hosting provider can offer you for the money they want.


Before searching a web host you should thoroughly examine your site. Decide for yourself what you want to accomplish. If you need a site with a wide range of different multimedia content, it’ll totally wrong to choose the cheapest variant that you can find. Complexly organized sites require RAM, disk space and processing power. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your potential hosting provider. Explain in details how you imagine your future site. No one cares as much as you about the result.

Focus area

There’re no universal web hosts. Different providers will suit different customers. For example, some of them have good shared plans, but are completely useless for growing enterprises. Others can only meet the requirement of bloggers. So, one more important thing to check for you is the focus area. Make sure that this or that hosting provider will be appropriate for your particular needs and targets. Study all their pros and contras and decide which one seems the most suitable to you.

Additional features

After you made it clear for yourself about basic factors, try to make out what makes this very hosting provider so special. What extra features do they provide to ensure that you’re going to opt for them? For instance, they may offer many data centers, domain privacy (free of charge), backups or energy-saving mechanisms. Good hosting providers provide their clients with several additional features at a time. Consider if you really need these add-ons and choose the web host that will give you maximum of what you want.

Technical support

This is a really crucial issue. If you site suddenly goes down, you’ll have to find very quickly how to fix the problem. For this you need tech support that is always within reach. The person that is going to help you must be competent, otherwise the problem will never be found. So, ask your potential web host what kind of support they offer and which you can reach it (via telephone, e-mail, etc.). If they have only an outsourced support, it’s definitely a minus. Much better would be if their tech support is staffed and works 24 hours a day.


Both the servers of a hosting provider and the quality of your web site depend upon the hardware. That’s why it would be great to find out what kind of equipment your provider can dispose of. It’s worth asking even if you won’t get the answer. Explain that you should make sure that their machines are new and have high performance level. Ask what servers they work with

E-mail practice

Ensure yourself against spam. Your web host must be experienced enough in such issues to protect you and your mail.

Good reference

Be curious and take time to read the feedback from other customers. Use search engines to see what experiences people had with the hosting providers you’re going to choose. It would be perfect if you know as much as you can about the company you decided to work with, because it’s quite evident that no company will tell you the whole truth. They will give you generally positive information, but the feedback will let you understand what is true about the whole thing.


Your hosting provider should supply your site with a simple interface that would be easy for you to navigate even if you’re not really an experienced user. There should be basic tasks that you’ll be able to perform yourself without constantly calling the tech support. It’s you who are going to feel uncomfortable if the interface will not be friendly enough.


It’s not enough to choose a web host for the present moment. You should also take into consideration that your site is going to grow and develop. Your host provider must provide adequate hosting at all the stages of its development. Just take on trust that transfer from one provider to another takes a lot of effort, time and nerves. To avoid it make sure that the company in whose favor you’ve decided can accompany you on your whole way.