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How to find a job online

But lucky you are that you can use the internet to help you with this task. Searching for a job online can be really beneficial. First and foremost, you have an unlimited number of resources at your disposal. Besides, search engines may help you find a job in other cities or even in other countries. In this article we provide an important list of do’s and don’ts for you to start seeking a job online.


Make sure that your resume is perfect

You may say that it’s the age of the internet and no one would care for such a thing as your resume, but most employers will not agree with you. They still need resumes and cover letters and mostly in electronic form. It’s also important that they see your genuine interest in the vacant position. What they want to find is people who suit the offered place perfectly. So, you should customize your resume for all possible cases. Correct it in accordance to the requirements that your desirable position has in order to fit in.

Visit job search sites every single day

There’s a large amount of internet services that may help you find an occupation. They have a whole variety of options allowing you to search both for general and specific industries. If you want to find a job online, you simply cannot do without such sites. But you shouldn’t forget that you’re not the only one who can put two and two together. There’re lots of other people who visit these sites as well. So, in order not to miss your chance, you should check them up daily. Don’t let anyone else get the job you’re dreaming of.

Define your objective

If you do nothing but wait for some employee to find you, you’re very likely to fail. The first thing to do is to make it clear for yourself what you want to find and what occupations would attract you. Then you should decide what companies you should target. After that you can just contact their HR managers. This way you can get a job in the industry that really attracts you.

Don’t neglect job alerts

As you’ve probably already noticed, most of the job hunting sites provide an opportunity to receive e-mail alerts about new jobs that may suit you. It can also be arranged that they appear on your home page. This way you’ll never miss your chance.

Make use of job organization services

Actually, these ones are meant for employed people who inevitably have a to-do list. But such a site can be a very useful tool for those who’re looking for a job, because it’s very challenging for them to keep in mind all the things that should be done in order to make job search successful. Organizations sites make it easier to do, because with their help you can collect all the crucial information in one place. You can set tasks and reminders and manage all the professional contacts that you have.


Be a lazybones

You should understand that without any effort on your behalf job won’t find itself. Take it seriously. Ensure that your profiles are perfect. Try to get in touch with anyone that may assist you in your search. If you’re determined and goal-oriented, the result won’t keep you waiting.

Be too arrogant

In case you’ve just quit some high-ranking post and have got accustomed to being a real big boss, it may make you too proud to accept a new, more humble position. Try to be more down-too-earth a person and never let your arrogance get in your way. It’s not beneath your dignity to ask for referrals or check all job opportunities possible.

Get obsessed with money

Money is not everything you need from a job. No doubt, that it is one of the major factors but it should never become the only one. If you concentrate only upon the salary that you will get from this or that job, other factors that are no less important may go unnoticed. As a result, your dream occupation will turn into torture. Of course, you must make sure that your potential work will allow you to provide for yourself, but nevertheless, it should be interesting and make you eager to work.

Be careless about your profiles

Remember that HR managers are very likely to check your background with the help your network profiles. Make them professional and get rid of all the information that may show you from your negative side (photos, posts, provocative remarks or comments). Look at yourself from the outside. If you are not satisfied with what you see, make corrections.

Get absent-minded

It’s quite understandable that hunting for a job is an overwhelming process, but anyway you should not allow yourself to get absent-minded. If you make a mistake, it may cost you a new job. It’s no use applying for some occupations that require qualifications you don’t have. Never send the same application to different companies without making sure that it’s been customized. Moreover, it’s considered to be bad-mannered to send the same application for different jobs offered by one and the same company.

If you’re determined to get down to business and start looking for a new job, don’t neglect job search sites. They’ll simplify the whole process and increase its efficiency. Besides, most of them are completely free at your disposal. There’re also those that charge employers but have free membership for job seekers. So, for you they’ll also be free. However, there are some sites that require a small fee for both sides. But you cannot help agreeing that it’s nothing in comparison to the possibility to find a well-paid job.

Choose the most convenient job search service. It should allow you to do the search by keyword, your education level, company you may want to work for, desirable industry and so on. Don’t forget about assistant services. It’s really difficult to write a resume on your own, so make sure that your job search site provides a resume writing service. Remember that the quality of your CV is the key factor for your would-be employer and actually creates his/her first impression about you. You can also visit related forums and share your experience with other people seeking a job. Perhaps, you’ll learn something useful from them. So, utilize all the possibilities that job searching sites may offer in order to enhance the effectiveness of your search.

Prepare for a Job Interview

As the saying goes, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!”. If you want to knock em dead…then prepare yourself – Job Interviews are tough.  The interviewers are going to be asking behavioral interview questions that require specific examples. They are going to be asking you for details…including names of people, dates, and results.  They’ll ask you about lengthy projects you’ve been involved in – how you lead, manage and handle deadlines as well as how you perform under pressure and deal with difficult people.

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