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How to prolong your iPhone battery life

Actually, your iPhone doesn’t require much energy, especially in terms of standby time. But in some situation the battery may drain in no time. If your device doesn’t last till the end of the day without charging, here are some easy tips that you can use to prolong the iPhone’s battery life.

But before you start reading this article, there’s one important thing that should be mentioned: Some of the recommendations that we provide here can lead to deactivation of the features that you may consider to be highly necessary. You see, we don’t suggest disabling every single feature that makes your iPhone so cool. All we suggest in this article is to try having a fresh start. This will help you understand what app has been draining the battery all the time. Follow our pieces of advice in order to get your battery back to the state when it could function for several days of standby and a full day of active usage. Only after you’ve achieved this result, you can turn back on some of the features that you consider the most important. You should do it gradually, step by step.

But if even after everything that you have done to boost your battery life, it continues draining in no time, it may only mean that it is approaching the end of its life. To make sure that it is the case, consult the nearest Apple Store Genius Bar. They will examine your device and give an opinion.

So, the tips that will help you boost your battery life are the following:

  • Switch off Background Refresh for apps that you don’t need. Your smartphone is constantly active and performs actions in the background. Every action takes charge. To deactivate some of the apps, go to Settings=>General=>Background App Refresh. You may turn the refresh off globally, or pick several apps. It won’t affect their work. The only inconvenience that you’ll have later is to wait a moment longer for your app to update.
  • Disable as many notifications as you can. Leave only the most crucial ones. You don’t actually want any app notifications to wake up your phone all the time and waste charge. In order to get rid of them, do the following: Go to Settings=>Notification Center, then scroll down to the options “Include” and “Do Not Include”, choose a category (Messages, Reminders, Phone) or an app (any of the installed), and select only those notifications that you really need. Remember, that your chose will directly influence the standby time. You may also change the way each notification appears. It can be shown only on the lock screen, for example.
  • Don’t neglect the indicator of your signal strength. If you often happen to be in areas with poor signal, your iPhone will always try to find a stronger one. The battery is drained in a much shorter time this way. If you leave an iPhone in some area with a poor signal, you don’t even need to touch it for the battery to drain very quickly. If it is impossible for you to switch off your phone, you cannot really do anything about this. But in case you don’t need the connection at this or that very moment, you can switch on the Airplane mode to save the charge.
  • Check your mail manually, without the push-function. It also drains the battery considerably. If you can do the updates manually, you will save the charge. In order to deactivate “push”, go to Settings=>Mail, Contacts, Calendars=>Fetch New Data, switch off Push and after that set Fetch to Manually.
  • Location Services and Frequent Locations can also be switched off. If you often use GPS, it tells on your battery a great deal. Go to Settings=>Privacy=>Location Services and turn them off. You can either turn all of them off, or disable some of the services individually. Many apps request your location in the background. You can turn this off too. There’s also a feature called Frequent Locations that has appeared rather recently. It tracks where you are most often and then sends you different kinds of ads associated with this location. It is really irritating and can quickly drain your battery. You can find Frequent Locations in Location Services and deactivate this feature.
  • Check the updates for your software. They often contain fixes that could help you prolong your battery life. You don’t need to use a USB cable for connecting with iTunes, it is possible to do that right from your mobile phone. All you need is to go to Settings=>General=>Software Update.
  • Don’t forget about the tried-and-true old method to save charge. There are a lot of things that can enhance your battery life, like lowering the screen brightness, switching off Wi-fi and Bluetooth when you don’t use them, and many others. The most efficient one is still screen brightness, but you will have to increase it manually in case you are using your smartphone in the bright sunlight.
  • Think of buying a battery case or an additional battery. Those from Kensington, Mophie, and other manufacturers combine a hardware enclosure, which is meant to protect your phone, with an add-on battery that can double your battery life.

We hope that these tips have taught you how to make your battery last longer so you can get more out of your iPhone.