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How you can use your old gadget

Of course, you can just put in on a shelf or in a drawer to collect dust, give it to some of your relatives or friends or recycle it. But you can also try the tips that we suggest in this article.

Home security system

If you have an access to the Internet and can download a required app, you can turn your old phone into a home security system. If you have and Android device, the app you need is “Salient Eye”. If you have an Apple gadget, your app is “Manything”. These two will allow you to use your smartphone as a security camera. With its help you’ll be able to watch your children, pets or valuable possessions when you’re not at home.

Digital frame

You’re sure to have hundreds and even thousands of photos on your old device. If you don’t want to delete them, you can use this gadget as a digital frame. All you need is to download the “Dayframe” app for Android or “Digital Photo Frame” or “Picmatic” for iOS. It will display all the photos you have in your gallery or social networks in rotation throughout the day.

Universal remote control

Have you ever heard that you smartphone can serve as a universal remote control? If your TV or media-player supports Internet connection, you can easily control it this way. There’re a lot of models that already have free apps with the help of which you can control them using your smartphone over Internet. And if you install the “Remote mouse” app, you’ll be able to control your PC or laptop too.

A toy for your kid

Children love tablets. It’s the easiest way to make a noisy, restless kid to sit quietly on the sofa. So, if you have kids, download a few game apps on your old tablet and enjoy the silence! Don’t forget to change the privacy settings. You can also restrict the kind of material that can be downloaded to your tablet. This option is available both in Apple and Android markets. You can also install “Famigo”. This app will lock all the aspects that are inappropriate for childrel.

E-book reader

Keep your old tablet if you like reading books. Don’t buy an expensive e-book. It’s enough just to download the “Kindle” app that will allow you to read books from Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. You can also look for online libraries where you can rent books at comparatively low prices.

Alarm clock

Clock radios are so old-fashioned. You can use your smartphone instead. It will serve as a next-generation alarm clock if you installed the necessary software. If you don’t need to wake up early on some of the days, the “Sleepbot” app (that keeps track of your sleeping cycles) will wake you up only when you’ve slept enough.

Music and maps

If you don’t want to carry your new device in and out of the car in order to listen to music, you can use your old smartphone as a music-player. There’re a lot of car models that support smartphone docking station. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection that will let you update the libraries from the cloud while driving. At the same time, your device may work as a GPS. Install “Waze” to it and see how easily it will be to navigate to any address in your city or country. The app will provide you with the real time traffic updates.

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to do with your gadget, but always make sure that you’ve wiped all the personal information from it.