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Make money selling art

Such necessary things like studio space, brass boards, work tools, canvas, etc. could cost thousands of dollars. All this tools are expensive and there is no guarantee that you will return the money back.

There was one glass working master, which could not earn some money on this handicraft – his name was Steve Popkin. He spent money on his craft but was never able to sell any of his art samples - and in the end he fell into depression. But there were some masters who were able to earn money on art and their passion. How they did it?

Steve realized that some artists turns easily sell their art samples - and he wanted to understand how they do it. He was very surprised when realized that the quality does not matter for selling art - the main thing is the right marketing! Steve studied the techniques of successful artists and soon the sale of his art glass went up the hill.

Steve knew that in the world there are many artists who are in the same predicament. So, he gathered all his knowledge on marketing together and presented them in a new course - How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out. This course is for creative people who want to do art and earn good money!

Selling art is a very specific case. You will not learn this in the common course of sales. You also do not teach it on lessons of drawing or art. Through this course you will learn all the details and stages of selling art by e-book with audio.

How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out - this is a program through which any artist and crafts-person will be able to earn money for his art sample, which will subsequently provide resources for more beautiful artwork! If you are an artist, remember, no matter how you treat money, masters have always made money on their artwork. That’s the central message in How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out.

How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out - can make you a successful artist! Learn more >>