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Protect PC and enhance its productivity

As a result the system works much slower or ceases to work at all. Viruses can:

  • Damage your programs and files

  • Delete files and documents or destroy them

  • Damage disks so that they become unreadable

  • Cause any kind of harm they werent even meant to do

Therere a lot of users who think that if they avoid potentially dangerous sites their computer is guaranteed against virus attacks. It is to some extent true. If you browse carefully, never follow links from unknown sources and dont download suspicious files, you are sure to reduce the risk of getting affected by a virus. But the bad news is that viruses have a lot of different ways to reach your computer besides dangerous websites or files. You can visit a normal site that doesnt evoke any suspicion and still find a virus there. So, as you can see, therere a lot of weak points in the work of internet sites. You simply cannot protect yourself completely without help. And now its time we spoke about anti-viruses.

Heres the list of main features leading anti-viruses possess:

  • Real-Time Anti-viruses: Real-time anti-viruses scan your computer and keep track of all the programs’ activity in order to detect a virus. When you choose an anti-virus it should be the major point for you to consider.

  • Virus Removal: The way anti-virus removes dangerous objects can vary from one software to another. You should pay attention to the efficiency of your anti-virus in this aspect.

  • Trojan Protection: These are malicious programs that are meant to perform all kinds of unauthorized actions. Your anti-virus must be able to deal with them.

  • Anti-Spyware: Adware and spyware not only make your PC work slower and irritate you, but also can steal your data. Anti-virus programs protect against them too.

  • Anti-Rootkit: Your anti-virus software should definitely have anti-rootkits in order to protect your PC against malware that destroys the system registry.

  • Manual Virus Scanning: This is meant to find and remove viruses that secretly damage your computer.

  • USB Scanning: Anti-viruses should be able to scan USB img.ces. automatically.

  • Resource Usage: Make sure your software takes little memory.

When viruses attack your PC, they infect and damage files and registry, so that the whole system is about to fail. So if youre aware of the consequences and really determined to protect your files and programs, it would be reasonable to invest in back-up software. There exist several kinds of them. File-and-folder backup programs create copies of everything you have on your PC on local drives. Disk imaging software makes a snapshot of your drive. And finally online backup services let you upload all the information to some storage. You can use any of these programs separately or in combination.

If you’re concerned with the safety of your computer having an efficient anti-virus is simply a must. It’s not enough to use free anti-virus tools. The best choice would be Anti-Virus Professional, that shows perfect results without affecting the work of the system. It can detect suspicious links rather easily, find a spam in your inbox and has many other options. On the whole, it’s reliable, easy to use and FREE to download. You'll get the guarantee not to lose your precious photos, accounts in networks, music and documents and never to see your new computer totally damaged by a virus that you’ve got simply out of nowhere. Funny, that many of us are ready to give away large sums of money to ensure the safety of our cars, homes and all the belongings. But we all forget to protect the data, which is none the less important and actually not really expensive. You should do it right now, don’t wait till it’s too late.

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