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Reverse phone lookup service

If you have a spouse, who is probably cheating on you, you certainly need some evidence. There’s nothing better than reverse phone lookup services for this purpose. With their help you will get all the information that you need. You can also use it just for finding a phone number on map absolutely free of charge. Let us now go into detail about what it is and how it works.

What is a reverse phone lookup service?

A reverse phone lookup service (also referred to as reverse number lookup, gray pages, reverse directory, yellow pages reverse lookup or white pages reverse lookup, and some other names) is a service that allows you to track someone’s personal details without even having to know the person’s name of address. Unlike white or yellow pages, or any other kind of directories that require a name of a person or a company, here you only need to know their number. You enter in on the website and you will receive their personal information. If in regular directory you search for names in order to know the number, here you search for numbers to get names.

But name is not the only thing that you get using the service: You will also be shown google maps exact position of the phone (if it’s not a cell phone), address, phone provider and in some cases the first name of the owner. Some reverse lookup services offer other information for additional money. If you pay $50, you will get all the publicly accessible data about the person (divorce records, criminal records and other). It’s actually a great way to protect your kids from criminal and sex offenders. For grown-ups it’s useful in catching a cheater.

How does reverse phone number lookup work?

Reverse phone, or reverse cell phone lookup services hire people, whose task is to collect all data about this or that person and enter everything into their database. They charge a small fee (about $19 a month for an unlimited number of lookups, or a one-time fee for a single usage). Some unlisted numbers can be also found in the database. They come from services you sign up for that have rights to publicly show your information.

How to use reverse phone lookup to catch a cheating spouse?

The best of these services offer a full background check of the person you are looking for, that’s why they are often used by private investigators. We wouldn’t recommend those that charge more than $50, because this information is unlikely to help those who are trying to catch a cheating spouse. You can pick the cheapest service.

When you are trying to prove that your spouse is having someone else, you should collect all unknown numbers that call your home phone, or if you manage to do it, check the numbers that your spouse has in his phone. Investigate his call history and write down all the phone numbers that he called and those that called him. Pay attention to those that lasted more than a couple of minutes. As soon as you have a list, enter those numbers in a reverse lookup service and check the location of the phones. You will be able to make conclusions based on the location: If it’s closer to your own, your spouse may have a physical affair. If the location is far enough, but they talk for long periods of time, we can speak about an emotional affair.

If you already have a list, you may try entering them and find the source of the number. It’s free to find in on google maps, but you will have to pay for full report.

Reverse number search demonstration

In order to demonstrate the work of a reverse lookup service, let’s imagine that we want to identify where Harvard is. All the contact details are publicly available. Just make pretence that this phone is a completely unknown contact that you found in your phone bills or on your spouse’s phone. You ask your spouse who it is and why they talk so much on the phone. He/she keeps silent. You start suspecting that he/she may have an affair. Or another situation: You want to protect your kids and make sure that people who call them are not criminals. Many reverse lookup services can offer you a criminal check for an additional pay. You can also know about marriage and divorce records. The more you pay for the service, the more information you can see.

In order to get all the answers that you need, try to run a reverse phone number lookup, and see what results you will get after entering the phone numbers in the form.

Usually they will include google maps location, which is actually very powerful on its own, for you already know where the person is and can ask google for directions in order to get there and check for yourself. Google will also show you pictures of the area and all the webcams located nearby. So, if you don’t pay anything using reverse lookup services, you get an area in which the phone is situated, a visual on the google map, the type of phone, and its service provider. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

Already now you can easily conclude whether you spouse is cheating on you with another person physically or not. If this location is really too far to drive to in about an hour or so, it’s very unlikely to be more than an emotional affair. You can run all the numbers that you have collected on your list for free, in order to get the same amount of information. But if you want any additional details, like their names and full addresses, you will have to pay a small fee. In case you choose to be a member, you will have to pay more, but you will also get more background reports (reports (will include criminal records, court cases, divorce records, marriage details, and previously owned properties), which are available only for those who decide to use a regular reverse phone lookup service.

As soon as you are finished with your investigation and have already checked all the number, among which one seems to be very suspicious, you may ask your husband or wife about it. Try to get as many details as you can. The most important ones are the name and the address. You already know the location of the phone owner, so you will be able to tell, if your spouse is lying about the address. The most crucial detail is the name. You need to make your spouse give you the name, because there are a lot of sites that offer you the search by name. You will be shown the general area the same way you got using a reverse phone lookup service. If neither the name, nor the address that your husband or wife gave you correspond to the results that you get using different services, it means that he/she is likely to be cheating on you with this very person.

But in order to be hundred percent sure that he/she is lying to you, use the paid version of reverse phone lookup services and search for both the name that you got from your spouse, and the phone number that you found. If your spouse isn’t lying, the name that he/she gave you will appear as the owner of the number that you are searching for. If he/she is lying, the number will belong to some other person. But don’t burst into panic. It may also be the case that the owner of the phone lives with this person, who is not a registered owner. If you want to make it clear, ask a friend of yours to call that number and to ask for this person.

Tips to catch a cheating spouse with reverse phone lookup

  • Make a list of suspicious numbers.
  • Search for them in a reverse phone lookup service.
  • Ask your spouse to give you the name of the owner of the mobile phone or landline that you found.
  • Make conclusions about his/her behavior: Did your spouse give you the name?
  • Match the name that he/she gave you with the results of both the reverse phone lookup service, and people search results. If he/she was telling the truth, the reverse phone lookup service will show the same results as the people search. If the results are completely different, you don’t need to know more, because everything is quite clear as it is.
  • If he/she didn’t give you the name, use the paid version of a reverse phone lookup service and get full details about the owner of this number. See what connection this person has to your spouse, or ask him/her directly who this person is, for you already know that he/she called your husband/wife.
  • Did he/she give you the name that doesn’t match to the result reverse phone lookup service gave you? Ask your friend to call that phone and ask for the person that your spouse told you about. If there’s no one with this name, you caught your spouse lying to you again. If you found this person, you may either ask about his/her relationship with your spouse, or ask your spouse about it.

Other features of a reverse phone lookup service

Not all the features are present in all reverse phone lookup services. But most of the tools they use are the same that private investigators work with if you hire them .Besides getting a reverse phone lookup, you’ll also get:

Background Checks

  • Court Records – if a person has been convicted of any crimes
  • Marriage and Divorce Records – if he/she has husbands or wives
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records – what property they now own
  • Asset Information
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses – will be helpful if you suspect your spouse has secret emails that he/she uses for communication with another person
  • Address history – past and present addresses
  • Relatives and associates – to find out if the person your spouse may be cheating with is a collegue
  • Arrest and conviction records – will suit for the safety of your children
  • Felonies and misdemeanor
  • Sex offenders
  • Mug shots
  • Criminal driving infractions – also will help to know whom your kids communicate with
  • Court and probation records
  • Target’s social networks
  • Target’s Photos and Videos on social sites
  • Blogs or websites that they own

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