Game Testers Earnings Paid Out: $

Should I look for a tester position?

All the basic skills you can learnon your own. So, don’t be scared of the obstacles and go ahead! Testing is a really great and rewarding job which is sure to bring you a lot of fun, money and new acquaintances!

And do you know what? All the success stories that you’ve heard are true. Lots of people start with testing career and then become outstanding programmers, producers and whatever they want!

Besides, do you know many jobs that will pay you for spending the whole day playing new games and having fun while you’re  finishing a degree? If you want to earn your living on what you really enjoy game tester position is exactly what you need.

In order to improve your skills you may watch this video series:

You may also obtain a degree which will increase your earnings considerably. Enter the zip below for free information on game design, art and programming schools nearby.