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Speed up your computer

More than half of the problems with your computer arise not from the fact that it’s worn down. If it crashes all the time, don’t run to some shop to buy a new one as soon as possible. Here we have several ways that may help you avoid this expenses and make your old computer work efficiently.

Get rid of the programs that you don’t need

If your computer is new, it’s sure to have a long list of programs that you don't use or even don’t know about. So, if you never use a program and don’t even know how to use it, uninstall it. If you decided to do it, open your Control Panel, then – Programs and Features and look though the list of your install programs. Get rid of everything that you don’t use. PC Decrapifier will help you if you are afraid of uninstalling something that is necessary for the functioning of your computer. It’ll select the software that is not necessary for you.

Run a disk defragmentation

Let your computer perform at its maximum by running a dies defragmentation. You should also reconsider the way your information is stored. Open “my computer” and then view “properties” with right-clicking. Now that you see the “tools”, choose the option “defragment now”.

Clean up your disk

Get rid of all the clutter you have in your computer. Check if you have windows with Disk Cleanup – a built-in tool that is meant to search the whole system for files that you don’t need and that take a lot of memory. They can be temporary internet files or software installers. The only thing that is required from you is to launch Disk Cleanup (“start”> ”All Programs”> “Accessories”> ”System Tools”> “Disk Cleanup). The whole work will be done without your further participation in the process.

Don’t forget about temporary files

If you work on your computer rather often, it comes as no surprise that the actions you perform make temporary files pile up and clutter you hard disk. And, of cause, as a result your PC slows down considerably. So, don’t forget to get rid of these files and clean the space on your disk. It’ll enhance the productivity of your computer. Delete cookies and internet history. The path is: “My Computer”>”Local Hard Drive” (in most cases it is C:)>”Windows”>”Temp”. Right-click on “Temp”, hold your mouse over “View” in the drop down menu, and view “Details”. Highlight all the files that are out of date and press the delete button. For getting rid of cookies and internet history, open your browser, choose “History” and after that “Clear browsing history”. When you’re finished with the whole thing, remember to check your recycle bin. Empty it, if necessary, to complete the process.

Have a larger hard drive

Unfortunately, even if you regularly delete cookies and temporary files, your hard drive may appear to be too small for you. This leads to the considerable reduction of its productivity. When there’s only 15% memory left, your computer’s speed decreases dramatically. It doesn’t concern you, if you use your PC only for checking and writing e-mails or for browsing the internet. You simply don’t need a spacious hard disk. But if you, say, download large files (like films, series and TV shows) on a regular basis, you’ll soon need to extend your computer’s storing capacities. In other words, you’ll need to go the nearest computer market and purchase a large hard drive, the one that has more than 1TB of memory. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to install it. If you still have difficulties doing this, go watch video instructions on YouTube that are quite numerous. But it you still don’t want to try to do it yourself, ask consultants to install it for you in the store.

Remember about dusting

You’ll probably be surprised, but quite a number of problems are caused by dust. It does let the air inside. The airflow is absolutely crucial for normal work of your PC, because it’s responsible for its temperature regulation  and keeps it from overheating. The thing is that when it happens, the system does its best to manage the situation and, consequently, it slows down. If you decided to get rid of dust, all you need to do is to remove the exterior and use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment at its lowest power. Be careful: You should clean the dust without damaging the parts of your computer. Make sure, that you switched it off before cleaning. If your vacuum doesn’t want to suck the dust inside, you can reverse the process and blow it out.

Consider all these tips and you’ll see how fast your computer can work.

You may also install Smart PC Fixer for assistance. This inexpensive software will help you resolve all the arising problems and prevent them in future. Besides, it will spare you money and time that you would spend on the tech support. With this program you’ll easily find out what has gone wrong and cure it.

Take all the necessary steps to enhance your computers productivity and make it work as if it were new!

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