Game Testers Earnings Paid Out: $

What your earnings depend on

Moreover, they develop strong intuition that helps them understand certain platforms, system and engines instinctively, so that they can show much better performance than beginners do.

You should also remember that many companies treat game testers as “non-exempt” workers. It implies that you don’t get a regular salary like all the other employees. You’re paid for every hour of your work, so, if you’re asked to work overtime, you should be paid extra. This means that you can make quite a sum working more. But it’s not as simple as that. The point is that all your extra-work should be arranged and approved by a manager who can give a negative reply just because most of the projects have a very limited budget. So, as a result, you’ll do twice as much within your regular 40 hours. Not so fun anymore, is it?

Another factor influencing your salary directly is whether you’re employed for a full-time job (FTE) or your employment is temporary (FTT). The latter testers don’t make so much as the former. Moreover, they are not allowed to take part in various bonus plans and other kinds of profitable projects. So, when you juxtapose offers of different companies, make it clear which one is FTT and which one is FTE. If you’re not quite sure, ask HR manager to specify this condition.

If you want to know more about testing process or need detailed instructions how to get a job as a game tester, check out this video. With its help you’ll learn the most important things about game testing. Besides, the video will guide you through a complicated process of applying for a position, passing an interview and making decision about which job offer to accept. So, if you’re determined to make your living by game testing, it will come in handy!